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Summer of Fun Week One

June 25th, 2009

Yankee Block #1It’s begun! Our summer of fun is up and running! Today, actually begins week #2!  We finished our first block #1 and so did Miss Kelli, who chose to do just the  block using her own stash of oranges. Good choice, too, her block looks great!  So, as promised, we’re sharing our block with you, along Kelli's Blockwith Kelli’s!  Oh, and don’t forget to visit us on Facebook where we’re also sharing our Summer of Fun and anything else possible to share! Deb posted, earlier about us needing sample makers! Yes, we are looking for experienced piecers to make some of our store models! Interested? Please drop an email in to Linda at and we’ll be sure you get all the details.

And if you’re joining us for the Summer of Fun Block Party, please share your blocks with us! We would love to post them here for ya!  And as always, we want to hear from you, so please show us some love and leave a comment or two!

Seriously, everyone…we do need people to make samples. If you are quick and good and interested in advancing your fabric stash, email so we can discuss the details!

Summer of Fun

June 17th, 2009

Summer of Fun Block Party

Ooh, it’s been a couple of days since we’ve blogged.  Well, it hasn’t been due to neglect.  Mostly because Patchwork Party just ended Monday and now Summer of Fun Block Party begins tomorrow, ya know, just trying to keep you ladies & gentleman busy this summer. (wink) This is really going to be fun and if you haven’t had a chance to RSVP for the exclusive savings, you can still do that or if you prefer not, you can  join us by returning to the website each week to purchase your block kit or just download the pattern or both! You can visit our Summer of Fun page or call us for more info. Hope you can join us!! Its gonna be fuuuuuunnn!

Alright, so since we’re talking about fun stuff, Deb was playing around on the computer and in her garden and made this awesome little video slideshow. Hope you enjoy!


Since summer is here, I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to spend their days in the garden or watching the gardener. LOL Please share your gardens with us, Too!

Stay cool and if you need anything to do we can find plenty of summer projects for you or the kiddos!

Patchwork Party

June 12th, 2009

Well, with our latest Patchwork Party coming to an end June 15th, I must say that this one has been a huge hit and one of the more gorgeous fabric lines brought to you by Marcus Brothers, Sachet Potpourri.

One of our awesome customers and contributors , Penny, has put together this really neat YouTube video for the current Patchwork Party. When visiting us on Facebook, you will see many of our promos and pictures posted by Penny. She does and awesome job with that, by the way. So, just depends on the day, you may be hearing from Me, Penny or Deb on our Facebook page.

It’s not too late to join us, though. Visit us to purchase our block, Friendship Card. Then from the Patchwork Party 2009 website you can view the other 11 participating shops along with an image of their finishing kits. Just remember that after June 15th, the party is closed and you will not be able to purchase and more blocks. Finishing kits may still be available, but you may want to hurry for a better chance at getting what you want.

Be sure you’re signed up for our Hotflashes and that you receive our feed for the blog to get the latest on the upcoming and current Patchwork Parties!

Are you participating in the Patchwork Party either in this one or ones past? We’d love for you to share your testimony and pictures! Please comment and let us know!

If you have any questions about it, please check out the sites or give me a call or drop and email

Fun Quilting Blogs to Share

June 10th, 2009

So, when I find time away from writing this blog and all of the spectacular “stuff” going on here at Stitchin’ Heaven, I really do like to read other blogs! Quilters and crafters blogs are seriously the most interesting and fun blogs to read. You come accross amazing stories, techniques, pictures, projects and tons of inspiration and again, the photos….Some of the photos are just amazing! So, while we’re working out the next series of blog posts I thought I’d share with you all some of the neat-o blogs that I like to stop by every once in a while.

Do you have a blog that you are hooked on and want to share? It can be your blog or just one that is a “must read”. Now, these are just a few, there are so many more…..

Quilting Bloggers


Pat Sloan

Lazy Girl Designs

Ellen Medlock

Blue Nickel Studios

Quilt Dad

Pam Kitty Morning

Seriously, if you have a blog that you read regularly or one of your own that you’d like the quilting world to know about, I really hope you’ll  pass it along to me at  Thanks for letting us share with ya!

Summer of Fun

Summer’s here! Hope you can join us for our Summer of Fun Block Party….It begins next week so be sure you are signed up for our HotFlashes to get the details or visit our site.  When the party begins, I too, will be participating and posting my blocks, so I hope to see yours too! This is going to be a ton of fun, why? Well, because it’s Summer of Fun, of course!

Can’t wait to start hearing from everyone about your favorite blogs and hope you join the party!! TTYS!

Pat Sloan’s Place!

June 5th, 2009

Pat at work!We scooped up another sewing studio!  If your style is more of the folk art feel, well, Pat Sloan’s sewing studio will be of some inspiration. I just love the stars she has one the wall above where she keeps her scrapbook stuff  in bins and her sporadic filing system. The baskets are displayed to not only be decorative but functional. Her sewing space is spread throughout her house, but then she needs the space…She’s Pat Sloan! I’m not sure I can think of anything right now, that she hasn’t gotten herself into and if you’re a fan, you already know this!Pats Scrapbooking Stuff

Pat’s room is set up to allow plenty of space for her desk, sewing station and cutting area and then plenty of room for just “stuff”. The space, still, leaves ample room for the eye to Gingham baskets!wander and be inspired. In one corner you have a shelf with gingham bins with a tiered wire fruit stand on the floor next to it holding her spools of thread and then next to and under the cutting table are more baskets filled with her quilting goodies.

Pat uses creative sources for her storage and organization. You can see where anywhere there is space there is storage. She makes excellence use of all her space!  I love when things match, but even more when colors don’t and they look like a rainbow just broke up all over the room! Pat’s room definately represents a creative and very very busy person! I love it and I can see how she is constantly being inventive with design and her “Oh so wonderful”  online events, such as the OP Challenge and now Death by Quilting! Is anyone doing that, by the way? I need to find some time, I’m regretting that I haven’t been participating with each new blog entry she posts.

Well, hope you enjoyed Pat’s room and have become inspired in some way or many! I have, but that too, can be because I’m kinda partial to Pat! I just love her!!

Cutting Table

If you’d like to share your room with us and everyone else, please email your pictures to me at Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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Perse heads to Minnesota!

June 3rd, 2009

Perse!Hi Bag Gang! I catch an early flight tomorrow for Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Talk about excited…I’m excited!! This month I get to attend the
Minnesota Quilters 31st Annual Show & Conference in Duluth, June 11
through 13th! (13th is my B-day!)

A former intern at the magazine I edit in France will be meeting me
there and showing me around the conference, introducing me to many of
the quilting movers and shakers.  A few years back she sent me a copy of
Minnesota Quilts: Creating Connections with our Past, a product of
Minnesota’s survey of historic quilts in the state. That gift started me
collecting all the similar books from all the states that have published
books on historic quilts.

I knew I would need a large bag to carry my booty from this month’s
quilt travels, so I chose the Hold Everything Bag in those great
American West fabrics from Marcus Brothers. It worked up fast and easy!
You should definitely make this great bag, even if you are new to sewing!
While in Minnesota, I will be spending some quality time in St. Paul,
visiting the Minnesota Historical Society. The Historical Society has
been doing great things in collaboration with the Minnesota Quilters,
Inc. and the Minnesota Quilt Project. Lots of research and documentation
going on in Minnesota’s quilting history. I think it is a model for
other states and other countries to follow!

I love flour sack fabrics (original and reproduction), so I will be
indulging that passion in Minnesota this month! Wheat is a big thing and
has been a big thing in Minnesota, so I expect to find loads of flour
sacks and flour sack quilts! See why I need the Hold Everything Bag?

The Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Minneapolis is not scheduled until
November 7th, so sadly I will miss that fun event this year! Nonetheless,
Minneapolis is a great place for quilt exhibits, quilt shops and for finding
vintage and antique quilts. I’ve packed my walking shoes!

This is not bag or quilt related, but I think you will get a kick out of
this tidbit of information. While in Minnesota this month, I will be
picking up a Australian Silky Terrier dog. Think of a small YorkshireJune - Perse
Terrier, but with longer, silky hair. She has been hand-raised by a
breeder with impeccable credentials and references.

The bag I have already chosen for next month’s travels reminds me of my
new little travel companion…and no, it is not a dog-shaped purse!  LOL

With a little travel dog at my side, my motto is even more relevant:
One can NEVER have too many bags, purses or totes (especially those
roomy enough to carry a little dog!)


Country Cottage Sewing Room

June 2nd, 2009

Quilt StudioA lot of you know Edyta Sitar for her Laundry Basket Quilts such as Hop To It and Applique Affair. This time, instead of sharing her wonderful patterns and designs, she is allowing us to share her sewing studio!

Edyta’s room is set up like a casual living area with her cutting table and supply hutch set behind it. The beams and deep set windows reveal such a cozy feel in this room!Quilt Studio

I’m not sure the size of her room, but looks to be pretty large to have the furniture arranged for sitting and then her cutting station. Also, you can see plenty of open floor space for arrangement of her quilts in the works!

Such a gorgeous space with plenty of lighting and inspiration! Thanks so much, Edyta for sharing your space with us!

What did you all think? Pretty nice, room, huh?  I still have another room I’m working on getting posted. I’m running a little behind on my blog postings. We’ve been pretty busy around here with new kits and ideas that Deb brought home from market, it’s just finding the time!!  Oh yeah, so, Deb baught us an AccuQuilt Studio!! Yeah, I know! Well, ya know we’ve had it for alittle while and have been trying to figure out what to do with it.  We’ve got some of our Olive Garden kits available and are working on Take 5′s and some others. Even rag quilts!! So, be sure that you’re signed up for our Hotflashes so that you get the news about our new pre-cut kits! I just love that idea….take the cutting out of the work allows you to accomplish so much more in littler time! No excuses now why I can’t get these done! (ha ha)

Summer’s coming up too! Already! School is out for us, here in Quitman, tomorrow! So, this means summer is here! Lots to do and fun things to plan with the kiddos! Be sure to share your projects with us! Oh, and hope you can join us for our Summer of Fun Block Party!!

Hope you’re having a great week!

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