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The Queen’s Tea

May 27th, 2012

Mother’s Day weekend, we hosted our very first Queen’s Tea. We invited all of our friends to join us for tea sandwiches, tea cakes, fresh fruit, hot and iced teas and great company. Of course, you had to show up in your finest hat, at least. Most women showed up in their best attire, from lace, to pearls and elbow length gloves. You can see in the pics below and if you are a fan of ours on Facebook then you can see the whole album, just how elegant everyone was dressed.  It was a wonderful time.

There were about 25 ladies in all, dressed to impress. We played, Heads or Tails, gave away teapots and even crowned a Queen. Mrs. Judy Thorn, a local customer who practically lives at our shop, we feel like she’s the closest to family we can get, was a much deserving queen. Well, and she just so happened to sit at the lucky spot. (We placed a “Queen” memo under a random plate for our winner). The Queen got to chose from a list of “specials” that she could share with her “court”. Judy, a gracious Queen, let the ladies vote on what they wanted as their “special”. They chose buy 5 fat quarters get 5 FREE. Not bad….

It was really a great time, those of you who missed it…We missed you! Hoping we get to do this again next  year….I’m thinking, Yes!

Enjoy the pictures and let us know what you thought.

Have you ever attended a High Tea? What was yours like?

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See you soon! :)

3/50 Project

May 25th, 2012

Have you heard of the 3/50 Project? Well, before I tell you, let me ask you something. What 3 local businesses would you miss if they were closed down tomorrow?

I don’t know about you, but I can think of several…including Stitchin’ Heaven. We need to remember that the small businesses are what make up what this country really is. It’s  knowing the owner of your local dry cleaners or going to church with your local Pharmacist or having the grocery store manager know your name and who can actually ask you about things going on in your life…It’s the quilt shop that knows you by name and lets you come in and make the classroom your own little sewing room.They aren’t just places that provide goods or services…They are our friends and family who invest in making us happy and keep us coming back.

Our success, as a small business, depends on you. While we understand, that some people feel they need to save money by purchasing from larger or chain companies, you must also, realize that you sacrifice some things that only the small business can provide. Like personalization, service – getting to speak to a real person who actually handles  you with care and consideration.  We also,  package every box like we are sending you a gift, prepare all of our kits with appealing arrangement, talk to you and share on Facebook, host parties just to show you how much we care (we host several luncheons throughout the year) and many other things. I mean, you are what makes us who we are and who inspires us to want to be even better. Will Wal-Mart do that for you?

Stitchin’ Heaven is a proud supporter of the 3/50 Project and you can be too!  Follow the link through the image to read more about it and to find out how to get the app for your iPhone.

Alice Wilhoit & Judy Neimeyer, Oh My!

May 22nd, 2012

Fireworks Quilt - Alice WilhoitApril sure was a busy month for us!  We had the honor of having Alice Wilhoit in class teaching her pattern Fireworks! Then, for a whole week, we had  Judy Niemeyer in class teaching two 3 days workshops. If you are a fan of Judy’s you already know all about her amazing paper pieced patterns. Her designs are just exquisite!

Through Wednesday, the ladies in class (all 20 of them) will be learning to put together one of 3 quilts, Amazon Star, Prairie Star & Summer Solstice, then the second part of the week, another group of quilters learned how to make one of 3 different quilts, including Tumbleweeds, Topical Rainbow & Golden Harvest. A good time was had by all, for sure and everyone left with a wealth of quilting knowledge.

Here are some pics to prove how fantastic it was with Judy!

So, who is your favorite teacher? Is there anyone who have enjoyed more than any other?

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