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Qubee: Charlie Scott

March 13th, 2010

Charlie Scott Charlie Scott of Qubee Quilts describes himself as a traditionalist with a modern twist. He likes to look at a quilt and it his own, by changing it up and making it into something else. The quilt to the right,Sunday Squares is one of Charlie’s and can also be found on Moda Bake Shop. Love, found below is a soon to be released pattern and can also be found on his Facebook Fan Page.

We sent Charlie our interview questionnaire after he was nominated by Matt Sparrow, whom we featured last year and we’ll also do another one on him this year. Here is what Charlie had to share with us….

When did you first begin quilting?  1998.  I was watching a friend piece a quilt and thought it might be fun to try.  I was told to pick out a pattern from her library of books, then go and buy some fabrics.  Her advice was not to start with anything too big in case I did not like it or it would be overwhelming.  I picked out a log cabin quilt that was 30 x 30.  I thought to myself this would be perfect.  Went to Jo-Ann’s and looked for some fabric.  Had no idea what I was even doing.  I was a fish out of water.  They did not have fabric collections and I had no idea how to even match colors.  I could only find Christmas fabrics that were on a rounder and I knew they would go together.  I picked out a few I liked and had them cut.  I think I just got half yard cuts.  Brought all my fabrics home and began to  cut them into small strips for my blocks.  How do I sew them together?  Went to Wal-Mart and bought the cheapest sewing machine I could get my hands on.  Big mistake, but we live and learn.  Went to my friends house and showed her the fabrics and machine.  She thought I was doing great just keep it up and if I had any questions I could ask.  I set the machine up and got to sewing my new quilt.  I was liking this.  I get half way done and my blocks were not square so I asked my friend about this and she took a look at my blocks and asked what pattern I was using.  I showed her both and after a minute or two she told me I was doing a minuter quilt.  The quilt called for 6” blocks .  She suggested that maybe I could make a small quilt using full size blocks.  I placed that project in a shoebox  and went in search of another quilt.  Sunday SquaresThis time I went with the court house steps.  I used reds, yellows, greens and blues.  It turned out great.  I was hooked.  I have never looked back since or been sorry I went down this road. 

Who or what inspired you?  I guess I have been around quilting my whole life.  I never really even thought about it or even cared as a child.  It was not until I was in my early twenties when I first thought about it.  My aunt and Grandmother have always been quilters.  My Grandmother used to hand stitch quilt tops to keep her hands active and my Aunt would quilt them together on her longarm machine.  The kind you moved the frame and not the machine like most of them today.  My Aunt did quilting for a living ’til she got too old and could no longer stand that many hours to quilt.  I remembered my grandmother asking what color I like my quilt to be and I told her pink.  She used a 1930′s bubble gum pink.  I ask myself today why on earth did I choose pink? Maybe because I knew in the back of my mind who and what I was going to become later on in life.  

Do you have a funny or unusual quilting story?  Qubee Quilts.  People always ask me how I came with with my company’s name.  I was looking for a name I could use online and just could not come up with one.  I asked a group of my friends what name I could use and one of them joking said I could be called “Quilter Boy” .  No, I said that is a little over the top.  Then another said you could use the initials QB.  Again, I said no.  They would think of me as a quarter back.  Another said why not spell it out.  How would you do that?  I said.  Qubie he said and your company name could be Qubee as in quilting bee. 

LoveAs you can see my name and company name have a bit of a meaning for me. 

One piece of quilting advice you would give to any quilter or aspiring quilter? 

Never be afraid to try new ideas and walk through this world with your eyes open wide, as you never know where your next idea will come from.  Inspiration can come from anything out there, such as the pattern in the tiling of a floor, or the glow of a stained glass window.  


Ok, so don’t foget to show Charlie some love and leave a comment for him, then be sure you add him as a friend on Facebook and then….You have to visit his blog, It’s Just me.


  1. Matt Sparrow 's creative mind says

    Love the name qubeequilts. It’s suits you to a T.

    It’s been awesome knowing you online Charlie and I can’t wait for the rest of the world to see all the awesome quilts you design.

    March 13th, 2010 | #

  2. Judy C in NC 's creative mind says

    Congratulations Charlie – sounds like you really like the journey part of your destination. Keep being inspired and creating.

    March 14th, 2010 | #

  3. Wendy in Montana 's creative mind says

    From the moment I first saw your pattern Sunday Squares at the Moda Bake Shop, I knew I’d have to make it. Love it! I’ve got this quilt top almost finished now and look forward to more of your Qubee inspiration. Thanks!!

    March 14th, 2010 | #

  4. Gene Black 's creative mind says

    :smile: Charlie is a great guy. There aren’t a great many of us “quilt guys” around so I was quite pleased to make Charlie’s acquaintance online. I am also happy to learn where the name Qubee comes from. Thanks for the interview.

    March 14th, 2010 | #

  5. Sheryl Hunt 's creative mind says

    Well this answered the question of the name. Great story. I am anxious to check out your FB site. I love how you had the courage to go to JoAnne by yourself. Did you ever finish the miniture quilt?

    March 15th, 2010 | #

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