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Social Quilter: Matt Sparrow

March 17th, 2010

So, this is our second year to feature Matt in our Month Of Man-ness series.  I mean, really, what kind of blog would we be not do include, Matt, right? Everyone who is involved in the social media quilting world, especially Facebook, knows who Matt & Bradie Sparrow are! If you don’t , you must! So, I had a few new questions for Matt this year, and boy has he been busy…So here goes.

Matt & Bradie Sparrow

What have you been up to since last March?
Oh my, where to start? How about April? April 2009 really started the ball rolling for my quilting career. I attended MQX in Manchester N.H. to take classes and test drive a new long-arm quilting machine. I returned home with a beautiful wholecloth marked and ready to quilt thanks to the tutelage of Karen McTavish who also certified me to teach McTavishing, a background filler design. Within months, I was teaching Long Arm Quilting Classes, writing for QuiltPosium Magazine, and was featured in Cloth Paper Scissors Studio, Quilter’s Connection Magazine and The Professional Quilter. To my delight, I now write a regular column for Quilters Home Magazine which to me is the most exciting thing ever!

My most exciting moment of 2009 was the birth of our 8th child. Little Matthew Ziegler Sparrow on February 2nd:):):):):)

Later in the year I decided to follow up on all the research I had done on Long Arms and upgrade from my mid-arm to an APQS Millennium. To this day, I still rush out of bed every morning and into my studio to play with my new baby ‘The Millennium Falcon’. A month after receiving my new machine, I became an APQS Sales Rep, joining forces with some of the nicest people I have ever met over at American Professional Quilting Systems. I was honored to be named the 2009 Rookie of the year for all my hard work despite the fact that I only joined the team in October.

2010 has brought some new challenges. My wife and I have launched a new website called QuiltersDaily.Com where I teach a course on promoting yourself online and my wife and a handful of her quilty friends run a Blog-Along, giving other quilty bloggers queues for their next post. It’s turning out to be a wonderful little community thanks to the help of contributors Michelle Foster, Charlie Scott, and Julie Herman.

Now that my head feel like it’s the size of a watermelon, I will move on to your next question…

Out of the many quilting jobs you have done, what was your absolute favorite?
After thinking about this for a while, I have to say that my answer surprises me a little. After quilting many fabulous quilts, I’d have to say that my favorite quilting job that I have done is a charity quilt I quilted early last year. There is something about quilting for charity that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.This particular quilt was donated to a charity auction for a little boy with cancer. A friend of our family approached us about putting together a quilt with the fabric she had purchased and after hearing the families story we just couldn’t resist. Here’s a link to the blog about the little guy and pictures of the finished quilt on Facebook.

Any advice for the aspiring quilter?
Take photos of everything you do and blog about it! It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece to be worthy of talking about and sharing with other quilters.
Even your mistakes can be appreciated by other quilters and they would love to hear about and share in every little adventure you take on.
After all, other people may learn from your mistakes faster then even you do. So share your quilty little life with the rest of us!
And if you want help promoting yourself online, don’t be shy, I’d be more than happy to help you out. :)

My Website
Other Men Who Quilt
Matt Sparrow on FaceBook

I must say, I really enjoy reading about Matt & Bradie wherever they pop up, whether it be on their blogs or their posts to Facebook. I don’t know how they do it all with 8 little ones. You guys are awesome! XOXO


Our male quilter series is through the month of March, so if you know of a male quilter, please email me your nomination @ . I have received quite a few and still await some responses, but they are all amazing. Thanks to all!

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  1. Bradie 's creative mind says

    Thanks for featuring my Matty!

    March 17th, 2010 | #

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