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Fabric Salesman? No… Quilter, Ryan Walsh

March 20th, 2010

ryanwalshLet me introduce you to Ryan Walsh. He’s a 29 year old husband, father of 2, and quilter extraordinaire.  Ryan has a really neat blog over at I’m Just a Guy Who Quilts. Please check it out. He has some gret projects, tutorials and inspiration. There’s some good stuff there.

So, here’s what Ryan had to share!

Quilting History:

Quilting runs in my family.  I spent hours at my grandmother’s home when I was a young boy.  She always had a project going and I would find myself fascinated by what she made.  I would try and figure out how she pieced the blocks and ask all sorts of questions.  She’s still my “go to” source for information if I’m at a loss for how to proceed on a project.  My artistic talents definitely come from her side of the family.  Several of my aunts and cousins also quilt.  I’m the only male quilter in the family.
I share my projects, tutorials and book reviews on my blog: I’m Just A Guy Who Quilts .
I’m also quite active on flickr.
I participate in several online quilting bee’s and swaps during the year.  I find they are a great way to challenge existing skills and gain new ones.Gnome Free Pieced
I love to put my own spin on quilting patterns.  I take a traditional style block and use modern fabrics and color choices.
I also dabble in crochet and embroidery.
My blog will be featured in the August 2010 edition of Quilter’s World Magazine.

When did you first begin quilting?

I first became interested in quilting in 2005, right before my first son was due to be born.  My wife and I were having trouble finding curtains we liked for the nursery and we decided to pick out fabric so she could make something.  We found fabric we like right away and set a weekend to make the curtains at her parents.  That Friday, my wife got ill from something she ate and was down for the rest of the weekend.  I ended up taking over the project and had a lot of fun using the sewing machine.  I was hooked!  I bought myself a machine for Christmas that year and I’ve been quilting ever since.

Who or what inspired you?

I’ve been a blogger since my early quilting days and love flickr.  I find both a constant flow of inspiration.  Not only from the conversations I have from new people who stop by on the blog, but the wonderful photos that quilters post on flickr.  I have a mile long list of things I want to make.

Do you have a funny or unusual quilting story?

I’m mistaken for a fabric salesman on a routine basis.  My job requires me to wear business formal clothing daily.  I drive around quite a bit for work as well.   To break the day up I try and stop at quilt shops along the way.  When I walk through the door with a tie and suit coat on the ladies behind the counter will most always say that the owner isn’t here and I can leave my card.  When they find out I’m shopping for myself and that I’m a quilter the conversation generally picks up and I make a couple new friends.

Katie Jump Rope Pillow TopOne piece of quilting advice you would give to any quilter or aspiring quilter?

Just have fun!  Join a local quilt guild.  Guilds and their members are a valuable source of useful information.  Most members are more than willing to share stories and tips about the craft.
Also get to know your friends at your local quilt shop or LQS.  They know all the quilters in the area and can point you in the right direction if you want more information on a particular subject!

Thanks, for stopping by and please say hi to Ryan, when you get the chance. The blog is really great and I know you will enjoy it!

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