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Cool Quilter: Greg Bryson

March 25th, 2010

Greg BrysonToday our featured quilter is Greg Bryson, whom along with his wife, Brooke, is a quilter and a blogger.  They are such a team being able to feed off one another and appreciate each other’s honesty.  While they don’t have any children, it’s obvious their love for them. Read on and be sure to stop by his blog to be inspired.

Quilting History:
I’ve been quilting since 2000.  In 10 years I’ve  completed 78 quilts, with 20 more in various stages of completion. Most of my quilts are donated to Quilts For Kids ( Project Linus ( and my local domestic violence shelter. In 2009, I finally finished the quilts for my family members after years of hearing “when are you making me a quilt?”

When did you first begin quilting?  Boots
In 2000 after receiving a set of Georgia Bonesteel’s Spinning Spools binders from my grandmother.  My obsession with fabric and notions is all her fault!!

Who or what inspired you?
I draw inspiration from a lot of different sources, from the 163 different quilting related blogs, 8 online forums,& numerous other websites I frequent, to my wife who is also a quilter, fellow quilter friends & quilts hanging at my favorite quilt shops. I also find inspiration in music; cue up some of my favorite music and I can quilt for hours without realizing the time thats flown by.

Do you have a funny or unusual quilting story?
I have a blog at Flat Out Quilting. I got hate email from a lady in California because I didn’t discuss the use of Fat Quarters on my blog.  This exchange went on for a few days. Every time she emailed me, her messages got a little more bizarre, thus they had to be posted for my readers to enjoy as well. I even took a very humorous approach  in my replies. Ahh Good times!!

Hawaiian FieldsOne piece of quilting advice you would give to any quilter or aspiring quilter?
Become a quilting knowledge sponge! Soak up every bit of information you can, from tips to design and try to incorporate that information into your quilts, you’ll be amazed at what you create. And don’t forget to pass that information on to others with additions and modifications that helped you.


You’ve got to appreciate his sense of humor and ability to take criticism lightly.  His blog is a fun place as well….I almost feel like I repeat my comments from one blog to another about our featured male quilters, but I must admit that they are all such good guys with a passion like ours. I mean really, who says only women should quilt. The many men we are featuring are so talented and passion driven, just like us!  It’s absolutely amazing to have them as part of our “world” of quilting! Thank you all for all that you bring.


Do you want to nominate a male quilter that you know everyone would be missing out not to hear about?? Please email me your nominations at

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Gene Black 's creative mind says

    Greg is a very fun guy to be friends with – even though it is only through the internet. His wit and talent are just two of his great qualities.

    March 25th, 2010 | #

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