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It’s Monday. It’s March Man-ness!

March 7th, 2011

First order of business is an introduction to a new male quilter.  Paul Perger.  Everyone say “Hi!” to Paul! (Hi, Paul!)

I gave Paul the news of his nomination along with our little questionnaire. He was so excited and of course wanted to know who his nominator was… .Ana, are you there? Ana Earl, from Texas (right down the road from our shop, actually and my buddy) made this nomination. We are so glad she did, too.  Paul is a very new quilter.  I went to his blog, Outnumbered Quilter, and he only had a few followers….Check it out so you can follow him, too!

 Now, let’s get to know Paul.

Who are you? 

            My name is Paul Perger, I am happily married to my wife of 22 years.  We have three children, two sons, 19 & 14, and a daughter who is 10.  We hope to add a fourth (a 16 year old girl) very soon  We have 2 dogs and 3 cats.  I enjoy racing, flying, photography, and of course, quilting.

            I am a manager in the finance division of a Computer Retailer, and I love my techie gadgets…. Which is kind of ironic because I sew on an old Singer Sewing machine complete with 30 dials for 30 stitch patterns.

            I started quilting 19 years ago when we were pregnant with our first child.  We needed a bumper set for the crib, and the one we liked the most was a kit we found at Michael’s Craft Store.  (Not to mention $30 was a lot easier to come by than $150!!)  So I borrowed a sewing machine, learned the very basics from my mother in law, and I taught myself the rest by reading a magazine.  After making the bumper set, I made a quilt and a wall hanging to match.  Unfortunately life took over and I didn’t quilt again until that same child was approaching graduation last year.  I took a few classes to learn the basics and I started quilting again, first with a few T-shirt quilts, and since those first quilts 1 year ago, I have done several quilts for charities, made a purse for my daughter, and several other projects.

How might we know you?

            Since I am very new to the scene, I am not well known.  Oh the ladies at all of the local Quilt Shops know me, but I imagine that is because I am one of the few men who come to the shop without my wife.

 Where can we find you?

            At the suggestion of an out of state friend who wanted to see my quilts and who likes to hear about my projects I very recently started a blog, “Outnumbered Quilter”.  It was only three weeks ago that I started, but if you Google “Outnumbered Quilter”, my blog is the first option to appear.  Or you can go to


What are your current projects? What should we expect in the future?

            Like EVERY quilter I know, I currently I am working on several quilts all in various stages of completion.  As of the writing of this, I have a quilt for Quilts For Kids  that is ready to bind (it will be on it’s way to QFK by the time this is published.)

I am “designing” two quilts for my son and our soon to be daughter.  The quilt for my 14 year old son is pieced into blocks and ready to be joined, and bordered.  And the quilt for our soon to be daughter is in the cutting stage.

I am doing a Block of the Month project with one of the local quilt shops, I have January and February’s blocks complete and just picked up March’s blocks this week.

My BIG project at the moment is a King Size quilt that will be a gift for my boss who is retiring in two months.  It is the most aggressive project I have tackled to date and I am in the cutting fabric stage.  I have to cut 1,288 half square triangles for this quilt.

In the near future I will be doing two more purses (one for my sister and one for my niece), as well as quilts for both of my brother’s kids.

I plan to start designing soon.  The only patterns I have completed as they are written are the QFK quilts, everything else has been modified in some way.  The two quilts for my kids that I am working on now do not have a pattern, I am creating them “by the seat of my pants”.  I know what I want in my head, and I am making it happen.  The next step in design is to create a pattern so that someone else can create the same quilt.


Who are your top 5 Quilters?  ( Male or female)

Bonnie Hunter – Quiltville -

Julie Herman – Jaybird Quilts –

Wayne Kollinger – Wayne Kollinger’s Sketchbook 

 Annemarie – GenX Quilters

Ryan Walsh – I’m just a guy who Quilts


Quirky Question: What’s your favorite “jam” song?

Silence.  Sounds odd, but my favorite thing to listen to when I am quilting is nothing at all.

Outnumbered Quilter Blog


 Twitter:  Don’t Tweet

Website:  I don’t have a quilting website. 

 Well, that’s Paul in a blog post! So, show him some love and leave a comment.  Don’t forget to nominate your mail quilter. Just send your nomination to me at  just put Man Quilter in the Subject line.


Fabric Swap!

If you want to get in on the fabric swap just shoot me an email with “swap” in the subject line. I’ll pull the swapper names together and announce your partners on April 1st!

Here are the guidelines:

Who: Anyone!

What: We are swapping 1 pound of fabric that is to include  at least 10″X10″ pieces of cotton or flannel fabrics.

When: Deadline to sign up for the swap is March 17 – I will send out swap partners April 1st (no joke)

Where: Open to everyone – domestic & international

Why: To fulfill our cravings for new fabric without buying!

Email me at – Put SWAP in the subject line – include your name, address & blog address if you have one.

Let me know if you have any questions.


  1. Ana Earl 's creative mind says

    Well a howdy East Texas yee haw to Paul! I read about Paul on Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville blog and thought about Stitchin’ Heaven’s March Man-ness series! So I sent the suggestion in and the rest is this story! Don’t you just love to read about new quilter’s and their talents. I am so looking forward to seeing more of Paul’s creations!

    March 7th, 2011 | #

  2. Rhonda 's creative mind says

    I just popped over to his blog and decided to follow him. I enjoy his writing style and you can hear his enthusiasm. Thank you for the introduction.

    March 8th, 2011 | #

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